Meeting Him

I had decided when I was pretty young

I knew what to ask Him for when I got my wishes

If ever.

I’d ask for a cupboard full of Apsara Extra Dark pencils

Pearl-white Faber Castell erasers and a thick coloring book and paints

I’d ask for a nice badminton racket for myself

That I wouldn’t share

And dirtier bruise-ier knees a testimony to my outdoor affair.

Multicolored hairbuns and satin ribbons

Straight long hair my parents couldn’t bob again,

And a new pair of white socks for school everyday.

Then I’d ask

Why he didn’t let some of His kids sleep sound at night.

Why I was young but never blind

Why only some ever woke up with swollen eyes –

So maybe a lesson or two on naivety complementary

For the not so lucky, never so naïve.




Author: Parvathy Sarat

50 going on 28 really. Made in Trivandrum, Kerala

12 thoughts on “Meeting Him”

  1. Once upon a time in Lucy teacher’s class, she was telling us how her mom/ mother-in-law asked her to pray reverently while she was carrying her boy. For 10 little fingers, toes and to make sure every body part was intact. It’s stuck with me till date, merely thinking about how we’ve evolved from a zygote to fully grown individuals, with atleast body parts, if not mental faculties intact. This poem took me back to that class. 🙂

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  2. Parvathy if you don’t mind can you explain the poem,this is bit tough for me.
    Daivam ellavakkum kazcha kodukathadu endanu ennum matto ano?

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      1. Parvathy palappozhum palarum njan kelkatha english words upayogikkarundu poem ezhudumbol.English books othiri vayichalanalle namukku aa level pidikkan pattoo alle.njan sradicharnnu.yours and sweta nalla standard anu.i like watching english movies and reading other blogs.That is how i learned english,aa pinne englishilulla cricket commentriyum,kurachu bbc documentarykalum 🙂

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