#3 Postcard – Domestic happiness

Of fresh laundry, domestic chores and the increasing returns of cooking. I couldn’t have thought this thought last year.

I cooked ramen noodles today, using my own condiments instead of the packet mix. I got way too full from eating and drifted into sleep while watching KVizzing with the Comedians, on the same couch that I was finishing up my book yesterday.

Cooking is probably the only chore out of all the drudgery that one must go through – including laundry, doing dishes, sweeping/mopping, cleaning up after cooking – where I get increasing returns over time.

I mean, I do get a sense of domestic happiness when I carry a still-warm load of clean laundry from the dryer back to my closet. Each time I walk in to pick up a clean t-shirt or a pillow cover, I can’t wait for the dirty pile to fill up so I can return their sweet Tide scent to them. But the process stays the same. Nothing changes.

But with cooking it’s an improving curve, still, for me.
I have tried pad thai from 6 places here so far. While they didn’t taste all that different, at least half of them had no crunch left in the vegetables and were overwhelmingly doused in soy – which raises the thought I could’ve cooked it better. And I couldn’t have thought this thought last year.
I don’t feel too strongly about pad thai though.

After waking up from my nap, I had another half-plate of my ramen – it smells distinctly of fish sauce which I don’t mind and there is the crunch from cabbage.

There is also some joy in just looking at my kitchen shelf and wondering – what if I get cooped up in here for two weeks? It is a convenient thought because my groceries would never last more than two weeks, and my imaginary emergencies cap at two weeks 🙂

I just had my third cup of kattan for the day, noticed I’m running low on brown sugar and am low-key excited because of the high I get from restocking. There must be a name for this?


Author: Parvathy Sarat

50 going on 28 really. Made in Trivandrum, Kerala

7 thoughts on “#3 Postcard – Domestic happiness”

  1. Hey Paro. How are you? Cooking is not my favorite chore either but these days, when the takeout falls short of expectations, I do wonder if I could have cooked it better!
    I love the smell of freshly laundered clothes too.

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      1. Life’s good post marriage. I’m still going to office every day. So things were hectic at first but not they have settled down. So much that I actually have time to start blogging again – after a long break!
        Oh yes, at times I still can’t believe that I can actually cook. Did you get the vaccine?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh wow, I didn’t realize you had to be in-person, take care. Yes I got vaccinated, what about you?
          That’s great that you have can start blogging again now, don’t think I could’ve managed without the extra time from wfh 🙂

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          1. Oh yes. We never had wfh. I’ve been going physically for over a year – ever since the first lockdown was lifted. Pfizer?
            Nope. There’s so much of a shortage here and then there’s the lockdown. Most of the roads are closed. Maybe we’ll try once the lockdown is lifted. It’s difficult to get slots though.
            Having someone to share all the domestic chores is a big help. That’s how I’m managing. Wfh? I thought you were pursuing a course there.

            Liked by 1 person

              1. All because it’s easier to get a reply out of you here than in WhatsApp! Also, I think your number has changed and I don’t have the new one. 😜
                Maybe this week. Fingers crossed.
                That’s great. Where did you join?
                Also ping me on whatsapp. My number is still the same.


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