“When I have kids, I’m going to raise them in the forest until they’re like 8-9 years old, then introduce them to urban society and ask them to pick between the two the life they’d like to live. I’d give them choice, not the illusion of it.”

“I’m not a fan of civilization myself,” says George.



I have heard and I’ve known it’s true
When you see someone happy
You want a bite
And you’d expect the happiness would multiply
But really you only care
Until you’ve eaten it all up
I don’t think I have any happiness left
You can leave now

Get Your Sunshine Back

Some of us were born with the sun shining out of our asses.

And with the stories we saw or the stories we lived,

Slowly the world sucked all of our sunshine out, soon filling us up with its shit.

And then they asked us, Why are you so full of it?


The day you remember what you once were

Push it all back out.

The day you remember what you once were,

Go get your sunshine back. There’s still tons of it left in the world.

Let's be ugly together

Hello, My Name is Ugly. No, you don’t have to call me Beautiful.


Do not be fooled when they tell you
You’re ‘something but and beautiful’-
You’re fat, strong and beautiful
You’re skinny, enduring and beautiful
It just means you aren’t good-looking
It means they’re happy to not be switching lives.

I’ll let that sink in.

I’ve been called something
With a side of beautiful, for far too long
“For your soul” they said
But they haven’t even heard my story yet.

You know what I’d like to hear?
What they really mean.
So tell me I look ugly
Tell me I’m not the fairest nor prettiest
Nor anywhere close to being lovely
And I would thank you for not being nice
It’s not an insult to me, nor do I find it impolite.

Tell me I don’t fit into any of the
Boxes you’ve created
It’s alright
For a box with my name on it isn’t to have your signature
But mine.

So save the sugarcoated BS for another day,
Another ‘soul’
And I’ll take your compliment with a smile.
Give me some credit for being ‘strong’ –
I’ve lived with this for a while.
Ugly is aesthetic and I can deal with that
Know that I too am happy not exchanging lives.

And I maybe inspiring, I maybe wise, I maybe all that YOU claim I am
But please do not call me beautiful just yet.

I haven’t even shared with you my story yet.

Sleep deprived –

Day 1 – “I’m just feeling a little tired, and a lot sleepy in the afternoon”

Day 2 – “Just a little tired”

Rest of the week – “Oh I’m killing this. Guess I’m just one of those people that can live on 3 hours of sleep a day. I KNEW IT!”

Saturday – *collapses*
*doesn’t get out of bed for 4 days*