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a visit home

This author is not a blogger or an SEO-driven pseudowriter. He is a poet 🙂 Do go through his page if you like this one, it’s a lifetime of imagery brought to life.

Frank Prem Poetry


a first outing
into uncontrolled air
and it exhausts him

as though
he has been laboring
for hours

his breath
hoarsely stertorous
verging on distressed

he looks around

the familiar home
of fifty years
is more than halfway
to seeming
a stranger

his first beer
after a week of hospitalization
taken from his personally
refrigerated stock
too cold to bear
but he mans up
and gulps it down

there is little pleasure
much grimness
in this visit
and the stress of breathing
drives him
to return to the hospital
in the hope
of easier air

is trying to close
a recalcitrant car door
while standing committedly
within its arc

moving her wheelie-walker
out of the way
and stooping profoundly
she steers
to a confrontation
with a stubborn step
that will neither
remove itself
nor take action to minimize
it’s own height


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