Chaos – A page off the diary

22.06.2016 12.03 am

Today this friend (rather innocuously) enquires if my blog isn’t written the way I’d keep a journal. No he’s never actually read any of it, somebody told him.
Maybe somebody gauges his words while making entries in his personal note. Maybe somebody has never owned one.

What do these mosquitoes have against me again?!

Maybe somebody can tell me when where and how he skimmed through mine. Maybe I should corner somebody and probe if he keeps drafts and edits them too.

As if. Enthoru over I am.

People like it when you mention them in posts, did you know? Me neither, it’s supernice really, they remember. Even if you don’t.
It’s raining.

Miriam’s favourite__

Writing poems reminds me why I don’t write poems. MUST destroy “Concrete tales-Tales of Concrete” before somebody finds it :O
Btw I posted the incomplete write-up about rain, people actually liked it. Gautham says serious suits my sarcasm. I hardly do sarcasm serious.

I was probably attending my KG morning classes when RaghuRam Rajan got married else I could’ve married him myself.

My handwriting’s gone bad since I got the lap.

Shit still busy with ezhil. Once Meghas were stealing my people, now it’s these Tamil ezhils.

To do list:

  • Start driving – ASAP!!!
  • Learn a language – begin ASAP
  • YouTube channel – err
  • Learn to say NO – accomplished below NOT in your diary
  • Complete that resume paru please I beg you in Achu Annan’s voice I really need to punctuate more
  • Punctuate more – NOW!!!
  • Do productive things. Life is short the right moment is now LIFE IS SHORT THE RIGHT MOMENT IS NOW!! Where’s the comma? – unspecified
    So self-motivational I am, that should go in my resume
  • Buy new phone charger in Achu Annan’s voice – NOW!!!!

Do I whip up to-do lists just so I can ‘!!!!!’? NO. That’s right I JUST SAID NO
Way too many mosquitoes, just a sec.
Should visit Padmanabhapuram palace someday, or maybe just Gayathri’s place – it looks almost like it in pics you know a miniature version. Byoootiful.

Ok that’s it that ass kothuk can die now it’s killing me. Sons of Valak I’m sure. Does Valak actually have kids though? Only humans procreate, why’d demons bother, they probably manufacture them like those uruk-hai thingies in LOTR. No disrespect OKAY? Wait what I believe in God. Ok.
Ok bye.

This is how my diary reads on a particularly fair day. I don’t fret about repetitive actually’s or repetitive anything, actually. It’s unapologetically exclamated, glaringly chaotic and, now that I see it, hopelessly disoriented. It’s most definitely not how I do blogposts. No?

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