#1 Postcard – New chapter

My brother sends home postcards when he travels to new places.

This is the first piece from the series Postcards from Texas. The target is 200 words a day, for a month.

My brother sends home postcards when he travels to new places. He’s great at developing habits and spreading joy among loved ones in his own ways. The few postcards I read were addressed to Amma, he would have scribbled a line or two on the front followed by a Take care that had accumulated warmth during its journey to our local post office.

The content would be something like it was raining heavily while he was at the mailing office, or that the place had more mosquitoes than our garden in summer.

He asked me to send one home from Arlington, I googled how to send a postcard via USPS and my enthusiasm was quelled by the options and my perennial inability to choose.

My postcards are going to be in the form of blogposts. I don’t think I’m sending them home, I’m sending them in the way of whoever happens to read them, and whoever thinks they want to follow this series.

200 words a day for a month. I’ve been better positioned to begin than now, but one has to start somewhere, sometime.

Maybe I’ll write about the book I’m reading or the Vietnamese eatery that serves grilled pork sandwiches, or the old people at Arlington music hall or just about what I ate.

I’ll try to make it less self-indulgent than my reality, but these things have a way of spilling onto my writing.

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