Hot vs Cold

Yesterday, we slept with the AC on almost all through the night. It’s hot because our room is on the 4th floor right below the terrace.

I turned the AC on a few minutes ago, and it smells weird.

“It’s probably pigeon shit”

“Or it’s pigeon semen,” says my roommate.

The couple does indulge in copulation while occupying the top of our window AC. I mean I don’t really know if that’s it, the two pigeons flutter around and on top of each other quite frantically, and my roommate and I take turns to say “Dude why can’t they find another AC once in a while.”

My only means to confirm is to Youtube ‘pigeon sex’ but I’d rather just go with it.

Either way, it smells weird.

Winter’s cool because you just have to add on layers of clothes until you (think you) are okay to deal with the cold outside. And though you can’t get out after a hot bath with no clothes on because you’ll freeze in the 2 seconds you take to run for life and turn on your tiny heater, and you can’t stop itching your wet skin in hot water because it’s too satisfying (it WILL leave marks), at least you can go 3-3.5 months without a wax/shave because all you wear are sweaters and stuff.

You can sleep in bed all day everyday wrapped up in quilts or attend all those Littfests happening. But what good are summers?

Also no mango trees in my PG.

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