#3 Good day – Can’t help falling in love

I spent Christmas at my aunt’s place decorating their tree and enjoying good food and great chats. That’s not what this article is about.
It never is.

I’m listening to Can’t Help Falling In Love with you. It’s playing on the bluetooth speaker I got for our Christmas gift exchange (well, white elephant). The song’s 3 minutes long but it feels like 50 seconds? Today was a warm day, like yesterday. My legs are still sore today and my back still hurts from walking 6 kilometers to and from a Walmart store. It was quite warm yesterday, the sun was out after many days of rain and I just felt like walking. There’s also a nice fountain park nearby, I just sat there to top off the 6kms.

I’m only past the first para and the song’s already over. I’m not too slow at typing, but with this song you have to stop to mouth the words.

The sun was out today as well.

Take my hand,
Take my whole life too.

Some days I don’t believe I’m sitting cross-legged on a mattress on a carpeted bedroom munching on dark chocolate with blueberry inside, drinking water from a flask bottle and wearing an Eddie Vedder teeshirt that belonged to my brother. (Which part can I not believe? Idk either). I once wore it to Grad Expo, somebody shouted I like your shirt from the other end of the stairs.

It’s my brother’s, I yell back.

After the third person said that to me and I only had that same reply, my new friend decides to finally educate me, “That’s a singer from the 80s, he was pretty huge.” She was a mother of two and this was the second week of college. She later dropped out from the course, she’s also a PhD and taught at Michigan etc etc. She was nice. Later after the Expo we had brown rice with shrimp at Panda Express, I had a week of diarrhea following that.

Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be.

The thing about short hair is it dances with your head. Only good days end this way.

As I grow I realize my blog titles are more for me than for anyone else. But that works, right?

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