Finally starting My Blog

Final year/semester of B.Tech –

You realize you don’t want to work an IT job or a Core job or any jobby job for that matter. Babies aren’t really your thing, they cry too much, would somebody pay you to take care of puppies? You realize you are now 21, you will be 22 in a couple of months and you’ve been spending the last 4 years (almost like a fifth of your life) in a subject that you don’t want anything to do with after graduation. You have no clue as to what to do after the 4 months of college that’s left. You realize you’ve practically wasted years of academics that could’ve been effectively spent studying something you actually like. You realize you don’t even know what that something you actually like is. You have no idea what to do with your life. You panic.

No, the last para isn’t about you, it’s all me. “You” just sounded better than “I”. So I had, um, a couple of mild and severe panic attacks in the past semester, but I’ve come to develop a certain mechanism to handle them which works fairly well. Except the two times that I had to be quarantined.

Step 1: Notify all my closest friends that I’m worried/confused/close to a cardiac arrest when I think of the future.

Step 2: Listen to what they have to say, mostly involves “same here” if the friend is doing B.Tech, “so are most of the others” if not.

Step 3: Calm down. (You are not alone is the best therapy ever). Sleep, wake up forgetting all the exasperating shit, go back to my life till the panic sets in another day.

Now, this is how I take my life decisions. Oh wait I haven’t taken any for myself. Either way it’s a ritual to consult her before tough ones and also after I screw up everything. Mostly because I never listen, still.

Screenshot_2015-12-22-00-58-55.pngThis is a pretty emotional moment for me, posting a Whatsapp screenshot in public. Yes, the convo’s been scrolled to a strategic point so that the (more) embarrassing stuff can’t  be seen.

Which is when I remembered about my TRUSTMEYOUREALIVE – name of my blog- that’s been dead since it was last alive.  Okay so I’ll confess I created this blog back in 2014 when I wrote something new after quite sometime and wanted someplace fancy to post it. I mean like a page just for like an article is like fancy, no?

This time, I decided to listen to Miriam after all. Blogging’s free and I could always read it later to myself, if nobody else does.

Special thanks to my brother(s) who bought me my new lap which is pretty much the only reason I’m here cos time and again, I’d thought of posting random stuff I’d written but the idea of sitting in front of the PC in my First floor hall on the molded plywood chair and typing it out made me drop it. Wow, I really need to start writing shorter sentences.

So here’s hoping I start writing online regularly :D. (OK AMMA, whether online or not doesn’t matter as long as I’m writing!)

PS: Sorry if the beginning of this post misled you into thinking it’s about handling panic attacks or life decisions even.

PPS: This was meant to be a teeny-weeny post of max 200 characters. Sorry for the long intro, you may now continue reading nonsense elsewhere.


Author: Parvathy Sarat

50 going on 28 really. Made in Trivandrum, Kerala

23 thoughts on “Finally starting My Blog”

  1. Hey Parvathy ! 🙂 I really enjoyed going through this post.I was surprised to find a screenshot here with Miri’s messages.She is the one I also consult during times of peril 😀 I’m glad you are here on WordPress.I have heard a lot about you from her!! 🙂

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      1. Yeah I remember that too. 😀 But we did not talk much.Miri nalathe paranjit ulu.Pedikanda 😛 Ipo shweta yum parayar und 🙂 We recently started chatting.She must have already told you that I suppose?


      2. Previously I had a pen name too.Then things started getting weird.I mean I found it awkward when people started addressing me by my pen name and many even complimented me by saying I had a beaitiful name..what does it mean..blah blah.. 😀 Angane peru ente thane aki avasanam.Valya karyathil secrecy il blog thudangyada !

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  2. Haha, nice. I thrive on comments from friends and family I think, could never do pen names :’D Just out of curiosity though, what was it? No i won’t ask you what it means 😀


  3. In my case..only few friends know about this blog.But I made plenty of friends here !:) It was Sarga 🙂 Sarga is a family friend of mine.Though I’m not in touch with her for the past 6-7 yrs.

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  4. I tried this too. Asked a friend on Facebook.
    The reply was not that interesting as this one, which is one of the reasons why I didn’t take a screenshot 😀
    But, I kept on writing 🙂

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