#2 Postcard – Low hanging fruit & Kafka on the Shore

To put down in words what lies behind the simplest of exchanges – in this case, a pause – must be some gift indeed.

If you told me today morning as I woke up, that I’d go on a reading spree and finish Kafka On The Shore by sundown, you’d have surprised me. I have not covered 350 pages in a day in years, I think. It’s not a feat by any standards, not even for the 14 year old version of me. And these pages were generously spaced and had wide margins.

Did I do this so I could write about the book in today’s write-up? I don’t think so, the story is brilliant and the book a page-turner.

I did do something else, I have to admit, because of the question, “What do I write about today“. I cooked three dishes – I used beans and diced tomatoes from cans, store-bought curd in a tub and a ready-to-boil fish curry masala so the whole thing took less than an hour. It was hard to not think I could write about this at various points.

200 words a day is low-hanging fruit, intended for those who find it difficult to get writing done. So once they hit the target they look forward to writing more until they slowly stop paying attention to the count. The other side to it is to prioritize Quantity over Quality – to do it before you do it well. I guess I’ll start somewhere in between.

Although I could write 200 words about the garlic I chopped for Rajma masala today (I didn’t count my words, but I had the narration going in my head as I peeled the cloves and made thin slices out of them). There was a tidbit I wanted to throw in about Nigella Lawson explaining why she loves canned tomatoes and how they’re a lifesaver though many look down on them; much like 15 year olds playing pretend-cooking-show hosts while they’re in the kitchen.

Of course I listened to her 10 years before I’d actually use canned tomatoes, and it’s one of the few things I’ll be sure to miss when I leave this country.

I’ll leave you with the below 2 lines from the book :

“Kafka, I-” She stops, looking for the right words.
I wait for her to find them.

To put down in words what lies behind the simplest of exchanges – in this case, a pause – must be some gift indeed.


Author: Parvathy Sarat

50 going on 28 really. Made in Trivandrum, Kerala

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